Fiestas Patrias Mexicanas of Bryan / College Station

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I park if I'm in the parade?
In downtown Bryan - It's best to walk or get dropped off at parade start
Schools: Can students walk beside our school float?
Absolutely not, for safety reasons
How do I participate in the parade?
Attend the mandatory meeting, submit an application, & pay application fee
Do I have to attend the mandatory parade meeting?
Yes, it's mandatory
Who can participate in the essay competition?
High School Seniors, Adults continuing higher education, and teachers continuing in a Master's program
Who can participate in the Royal Court (King, Queen, etc.)?
High School Seniors
Where do I park if I have a float in the parade?
(see parade route map)
Can I register for the parade the same day?
No, you must attend a mandatory meeting
Where do I send the check or payment?
Fiestas Patrias Mexicanas, P.O. Box 346, Bryan, Texas 77806
Who do I make the checks out to?
Fiestas Patrias Mexicanas of B/CS
Where can I find the parade route?
(see parade route map)
If I'm in the parade, can I throw or toss candy to the crowd?
No, this could cause injuries. Only parade participants who are walking the parade route may HAND OUT candy to parade observers.