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What is Fiestas Patrias?

September 16, 1810 - Fiestas Patrias is a patriotic holiday in Mexico, the anniversary of Mexican Independence from Spain. It is much like the American 4th of July. Mexico's celebration of independence does not celebrate the actual day of independence, but the call for an independent nation. September 16th commemorates Father Miguel Hidalgo, the parish priest of the small town of Dolores, who called for Mexicans to rise up and overthrow Spanish rule. Grito de Dolores, the cry, is widely celebrated all over Mexico today.

In the United States, the Fiestas Patrias is mostly celebrated in the Southwest, California, and Texas. It is a cultural celebration. Festivities reinforce cultural links between descendants and with Mexico. This cultural event is typically celebrated with traditional: music, dance, delicious foods, and dress.